Twitter Like Bot

Run a Twitter Bot that automatically likes tweets mentioning keywords you care about!

Run a bot that automatically likes Tweets!

In this template, you can input a bunch of keywords, hashtags, etc. that you care about. Then, everyday your WayScript Twitter Bot will go out an like tweets that mention these keywords.

Setup Instructions

1: Setup your Search Terms

First, click the 'terms_to_search variable at the beginning of your script. Use the '+' symbol to add multiple keywords you care about (the default is #coding but you can add more!).

2: Authorize Twitter

Click on the Twitter step in your script and change the account from [Demo] to 'Add and Account'.

This will bring you to twitter to authorize your account and then will return you to the program.

3: Set your Script To Run Everyday

Under your triggers, turn the 'Run Everyday' toggle to On

All Done!