Hello World

Get a daily weather email report for your location.

Welcome to WayScript

The Hello World wayscript is designed to introduce new users to the basics of programming with WayScript. If you havn't done so already, please check out the Getting Started section of the WayScript documentation.

What does it do?

This wayscript takes a 'location' input, and when run, emails you the average temperature at that location.

How does it work?

1. Variable 'location' is created with the input value.

2. The Weather API looks up the location that most closely matches the 'location' variable and retrieves the daily high and low temperatures. This step creates three new variables: 'City Name', 'Min Temp' and 'Max Temp'.

3. Python is used to calculate the midpoint between 'Min Temp' and 'Max Temp' and assign the value to new variable 'Average Temp'

4. The Send Email module is used to email us the 'City Name' and 'Average Temp'.