Google Assistant Bot

A template to build your own Google Assistant bot!

Build your own Google Assistant Integration

In this template, you can trigger your WayScript program to run via Google Assistant. You trigger the program by saying "Hey Google, ask WayScript Trigger to run Google Assistant Bot with [Spoken Input]". This [Spoken Input] can be anything you want such as "WayScript is awesome", etc.

IF, your [Spoken Input] includes the word "Hello," then Google Assistant will respond by saying Hello back!

Connecting to your Google Assistant

In order for this script to work, you need to link your Google Assistant account with WayScript. To do this, select "Add an Account" in the "Select an Account" dropdown in the Google Assistant Trigger. You will immediately see a popup with instructions. On this popup, click "Enable Action and Link Account".

Run a Python Script with a Google Assistant Voice Command

Read this tutorial to see how easy it is to run python scripts with Google Assistant and WayScript.

More Info

For more info on working with Google Assistant, check out our docs.