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Build internal tools, apps and bots faster while maintaining complete control of your code. WayScript gives you superpowers to create apps, integrate disparate systems, trigger notifications and automate processes across your entire business, all in one place.

Schedule SQL Queries on your Database

By Team WayScript

Automation just got easier! Let's look at how we can schedule daily actions on your database using wayscript!

Running Python via URL

By Team WayScript

Automate your processes, just by going to a url! Let's see how we can run workflows by visiting a url in this tutorial.

Creating Slack Bots to Track Product Inventory

By Team WayScript

Getting information to your team is important. Start making quicker decisions around purchasing, using a database driven Slack bot.

Copy SQL Data to Google Sheets Daily

By Team WayScript

This tutorial will show you how to create a script that will copy SQL data to Google Sheets on a daily time trigger.

How To Build a Python Integrated Data Collection Form

By Team WayScript

Learn how to create a form web application that will collect data from a perspective client for our SEO consulting business. We'll take this data that we get from the web form, process it using some python code, and then send an email.

Schedule SQL Queries To Happen Daily

By Team WayScript

Automating SQL Database tasks become easy when using WayScript. Let's talk about how we can schedule these tasks to occur daily.

Schedule a Python Script to Run Daily

By Team WayScript

WayScript makes it easy to execute tasks on a schedule. Let's talk about how we can schedule a python script to execute daily!

WayScript for DevOps

By Team WayScript

In this article, we'll show you some of the ways WayScript uses WayScript to make our developers' lives easier and our site more reliable, with the hope that you will be able to use WayScript to improve your own DevOps workflows.

Protip: Writing Lists to Spreadsheets

By Team WayScript

How to write the items of a list variable to separate rows in an Excel or Google Sheets document.

Integrating with Slack in 3 Minutes

By Team WayScript

The WayScript Slack integration allows you to rapidly build a process for custom Slack messaging and reporting.

Sending Custom Emails to an Email List

By Team WayScript

Sending out custom emails to an email list doesn't require a lot of work if you use WayScript. Save yourself time and build a program to send custom emails.

How to Get Datasets from Reddit

By Team WayScript

Use WayScript to get all the data you need from reddit into an organized spreadsheet.

How To Create Datasets for Twitch

By Team WayScript

Whether you would like to know about the current top streams or top games being played, WayScript allows you to pull relevant data from Twitch into a spreadsheet.

Pull latest YouTube video comments in to a spreadsheet

By Team WayScript

WayScript gives you the power to take any YouTube video and get the latest comments, as well as information about the comments, into an organized spreadsheet.

Monitor any GitHub Repo in under 2 minutes

By Team WayScript

With wayscript, you can easily automate the process of monitoring GitHub repos for changes and other data.

Discover Key Influencers with Medium

By Team WayScript

WayScript will automatically discover key influencers for a variety of topics including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and many other topics.

Wayfair Price Tracker in under 2 Minutes

By Team WayScript

Wayfair has a 14 day Price Adjustment Policy. However, you must notify Wayfair of the price change. With wayscript, you can build your own price tracking tool in under 2 minutes... here is how.

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Scripts can be easily shared with others on your team or more broadly. Simply save your scripts and make them available only to your organization or publicly in the WayScript community.


As we develop programs at DigitalOcean, we often need to move fast and tackle complicated engineering challenges. WayScript lets us solve for those problems by automating tasks that allow us to scale economically.

Hollie Haggans, Global Partnerships at Digital Ocean

Wayscript is great for combining the power of no-code automation tools with real code scripting. Creating complex scripts is very intuitive and it's affordable even for small startups.

Leon Coe, Co-Founter at VoCo (SayVoCo.com)

WayScript has empowered us to transform the way we do business by automating tasks that were once done by a team of employees. This has cut down lead time and costs associated with expansion projects

Jonathan Spiegel of The Exhaust Warehouse

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