Monitor any GitHub Repo in under 2 minutes

By Team WayScript

With WayScript, you can easily automate the process of monitoring GitHub repos for changes and other data. From tracking the date of the last push to the number of forks, WayScript will allow you create a powerful tool in under 2 minutes.

Using The Sidekick

Step One

Select 'Monitor a Platform'.

Step Two

Select GitHub as your platform.

Step Three

You can choose to monitor a specific repo or a user. In this case, we will select 'Monitor a Repo'.

Step Four

Enter the URLs of the GitHub repos you would like to monitor for changes.

In this example, we will be monitoring the Twython GitHub Repo.

Simply copy and paste the URL found in the address bar.

Step Five

Give your recipe a name, and you are done! Your program is now running and will constantly add changes to an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be downloaded from your WayScript dashboard.

Click 'Download File' to get your spreadsheet.

In your spreadsheet, you can find the

  • Date of the Last Update
  • Date of the Last Push
  • Size of the Repo
  • Number of Stars
  • Subscriber Count
  • Number of Forks
  • Repo Language
  • Count of Open Issues
  • Date and Time of when the data was pulled
  • Your program will update the spreadsheet daily, adding any new changes that occur to the GitHub repo.