Build a Twitter Sentiment Analysis tool in 2 minutes

By Team WayScript

Sentiment analysis is a great way to monitor general attitudes about a product, subject, company, or anything else.

Using The Sidekick

Step One

Select 'Sentiment Analysis'.

Step Two

Select Twitter as your data source.

Step Three

Select the type of tweets you want. In this case we select all tweets. You can also choose only positive or negative tweets.

Step Four

Enter in any keywords, phrases, profiles, etc. This WayScript program will grab any new tweets that mention any of these keywords.

Step Five

Often, brand managers are looking to analyze the sentiment of accounts with "infleuncers" with social reach. Therefore, you can choose to only collect tweets posted by accounts with more than a certain number of followers. If you are looking for all tweets, you can set this number to 0.

Step Six

You are done! Your program is now running and will constantly add new tweets with a sentiment analysis to an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be downloaded from your WayScript dashboard.