Wayfair Price Tracker in under 2 Minutes

By Team WayScript

When you make a purchase on Wayfair, you have 2 weeks to get refunded if the price of the purcahsed item decreases. However, Wayfair expects you to monitor and notify them of this change in order to get the discount. With the WayScript Sidekick, you can build your own Wayfair price tracker in under 2 minutes.

The Wayfair price tracker will check the prices of your items daily, and will send an email notification if a price decreases.

Using The Sidekick

Step One

Select 'Track Price Changes'

Step Two

Select Wayfair as your ecommerce platform.

Step Three

This interface wants you to add the Wayfair URLs you are interested in tracking.

Step Four

Copy and paste the product URLs from wayfair.com

Add the URLs to WayScript.


Click the Done button and your program is finished.